Our community leaders deserve a great deal of respect and gratitude for their dedicated service every day. As a way to show our appreciation, we are proud to offer custom leadership experiences designed to enhance the leadership skills of those in the military, churches, charities, police and other service professionals.

Dick Richardson is one of the founders of Experience to Lead and has worked with senior executives and their teams to provide unique leadership experiences. Dick and his team bring that same hands-on approach to Dick Richardson Consulting.

Our goal is to help community leaders improve their leadership, manage new challenges, and achieve even greater success.

We Work With You To:

  1. Design a program for your team to become more successful leaders.
  2. Deliver purposeful engagements that produce practical changes in your organization.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and challenges as well as your goals for the future.



“Dick has infectious enthusiasm. He has also assembled an outstanding team!”

Richard Arnold, Supervisor Engineer & Astronaut, NASA, JSC

“Dick shared some very relevant and interesting stories. It’s evident that he has a passion for his work.”

Jim Archambault, FRLE Senior Manager, Law Enforcement Unit, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago